A family of Grau de Gandia has dedicated his life to trade in fruit and vegetables. The disappearance of the vegetable is devoted to citrus, mainly oranges and clementines.



Since the 70 “Pepet del Grau” and their children began buying and selling vegetables in the garden in summer and in winter oranges.


The company has always been linked to the Safor, from its origin in the same paternal house in the Grau, who served as a meeting of cars, vans and trucks loaded with tomatoes or eggplant. Through its first store ready for oranges in l’Alqueria de la Comtessa, then Bellreguard and then another store with more capacity in the same town. Since 1999 are located in the current facilities in Daimús (Valencia)

The current stock consists of modern facilities of 9,000 m2 with a recent expansion of the loading dock and storage, plus we have two lines that allow work some 25,000 tons of citrus annually, where they work directly, in full campaign more than 160 workers. It has a philosophy based on buying during the only season Valencia oranges farmers.

The internal market, especially large retailers, is still very important for Germans Fuster, but has grown increasingly export to European countries like Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Germans Fuster is a family business that already has a fully incorporated third generation, with an open mind, trying to improve every day and grow step by step, with enthusiasm and energy to adapt to new times firmly and decisively.